A Cold Case Analysis of Who Killed Robert F. Kennedy

Using criminological methods and psychological assessment tools unavailable in 1969, Dr. Brady has reassessed Sirhan’s mental state and arrived at mental conditions that, in his opinion, if presented at trial, could have changed the jury’s verdict and spared Sirhan five and a half decades in prison.

“Psychologist and criminologist, Dr. John C. Brady II, makes a painstaking and credible case that Sirhan Sirhan should not have been convicted of first-degree murder in the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968.

“Dr. Brady has done a remarkable job of justifying his opinion that a second-degree murder conviction would have been far more appropriate under the unusual circumstances related to Sirhan’s complex mental health issues.

“Even if those facts could have been adequately presented at trial in 1969, under the horrific circumstances of that time, it can only be speculation whether expert psychological DNA testimony would have made a difference to the jury in California. PSYCHOLOGICAL DNA is a valuable read for anyone with an interest in presenting the defense of insanity in criminal trials.”
– Retired State of Illinois Circuit Judge Walter D. Braud

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Psychological DNA: A Cold Case Analysis of Who Killed Robert F. Kenned – TrineDay