Dr. Brady’s office is conveniently located at 615 South Main Street in Milpitas, California ( Please see map below for easy directions).

Because his office has easy access to four major freeways, i.e., 237, 280,  680, U.S. 101 and 880, many of his clients travel from Sacramento, San Francisco, and from the east-bay Oakland-Hayward area within an easy hour’s drive.

As Ms. Smith stated:

“I was referred to Dr. Brady for a forensic evaluation from my Oakland-based psychiatrist who was seeing me for medication management. It took only about fifty minutes to drive to Milpitas in order to consult with  Dr. Brady’s and engage in a psychological evaluation including extensive sexual interest screening.

The results of this screening helped establish that I didn’t have an abnormal sexual interest in children as my ex-husband had alleged leading to my arrest for sexual molestation. Based on the results of the psychological assessment the prosecution dropped the case against me. Many thanks to Dr. Brady for helping me get my children and life back. I’m very happy I made the drive.

John C. Brady Ph. D.

Forensic Psychologist 615 South Main Street

Milpitas, CA 95035(408) 263-5313