Silicon Valley Confidential (SVC) is a weekly one-hour true-crime documentary series based on the criminal case files of nationally recognized forensic psychologist and criminologist Dr. John C. Brady, II. Dr. Brady will guide viewers through the fractured psyches of the murderers, rapists, grifters, and other predators who inhabit the darkest recesses of California’s Silicon Valley.


This TV series is based on real cases from Dr. Brady’s 25 years of work in Silicon Valley as a forensic psychologist. SVC’s stories are culled from tens of thousands of hours of Brady’s analysis exploring why some residents of one of California’s richest regions ended up committing heinous crimes. A secondary theme in the series, after discovering what makes Silicon Valley’s criminals tick, is pulling back the curtain to find out why the Valley’s corporate technology billionaires don’t want the public to know what’s really happening.

SVC can be seen as a “psychological archeology” of the criminal mind. SVC’s focus upon the Silicon Valley is unique. It looks beyond the sparkling, PR-fueled façade of the world’s technology epicenter to show audiences the real darkness that lies just beneath the surface. This is the underbelly that the jet-setting masters of the Valley don’t want you to see, and in which a malleable media is complicit in hiding—until now, with SVC!

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the T.V. series is that the host, Dr. Brady, has first-hand knowledge of all of the stories presented. All SVC cases, some of which have appeared in Dr. Brady’s five true-crime books, are taken directly from his professional clinical work and court records. Many of the cases were referred to Dr. Brady’s Forensic Psych Lab by criminal defense attorneys, prosecutors, private investigators, judges, and in some cases the perpetrators themselves.

Dr. Brady and his professionally trained team of “mind-trackers” investigate the sinister, provocative, absurd, often sexually driven crimes that confirm suspicions that have swirled around the Valley for years – that things are not what they seem. Now, through SVC, TV audiences can experience chilling cases of murder, rape, dismemberment, swindling, bank fraud, embezzlement and sex crimes, from the first-hand perspective of Dr. Brady and his team.

The Time and Setting: The series is set in the present, and the scenes take place deep in the heart of this high-tech universe, Silicon Valley, where reality beneath the surface isn’t as sunny as the media portrayals of this shining hub of one of the world’s biggest and most prosperous industries. In this big money and Internet-driven fantasy land, Dr. Brady guides the viewers through the landscape as host and case presenter. The cities and towns of the Valley are the backdrop, and Dr. Brady’s lab, local jails, state prisons, and superior court are the locations.

This is in-demand content: Crime-oriented entertainment is exploding onto TV sets around the world. The number of crime-related shows being produced currently is at an historic high, with entire channels devoted 24/7 to the genre. But SVC is new: it’s original, unique and it satisfies the public’s appetite for true-crime programming.

True-Crime in the Silicon Valley: The central character of SVC is, in a sense, the Valley itself. The region came to prominence in the late 1960s, with the invention of the microchip by Intel and further development of silicon-based computer hardware and software technology by scores of other companies that have become household names over the years (Oracle, Cisco, AMD, Apple, Google, and, more recently the likes of social media giants including Facebook). In this Land of Dreams, spectacular fortunes are made and lost, and the dreams can go terribly wrong. SVCs exposure of Silicon Valley’s dark side is something truly new and fresh in true-crime programming.

“Why Do They Do It?”: SVC takes viewers, step-by-step, on a mind-tracking journey into the deepest, darkest regions of the perpetrators’ unconscious to determine “why they did it.”

SVC is Dramatic: SVC offers many opportunities to film dramatic, realistic, reenacted scenes from the offenders’ lives to examine why they turned to the dark side. Dr. Brady calls these emotionally revelatory moments “primal scream scenes when it all hangs out!”

Viewers Learn to Identify Hidden Reasons for Crime: Each episode presents a complete, distinct criminal story, starting with the offense, then progressing to the actual criminal process and Dr. Brady’s involvement with the cases. Reenactments at the Lab, crime scenes, and in court, where Dr. Brady often appears as an expert witness for one side or the other, are combined with reenactments of events in the perpetrators’ lives, leading the audience to the reasons why an offender came to the breaking point. The filming allows viewers to take on two viewpoints—that of the perp and that of the judge. Viewers can vicariously identify with the offender’s circumstances and their bad choices, yet retain their vantage point as the ultimate judge of guilt and innocence and the region in-between.

Unmasking Future Criminal Intent: As a result of the criminal mind-tracking method used to map out an offenders’ past, the likelihood of future criminal activity can be assessed and plotted as part of the mind-tracking process. This isn’t science fiction—Dr. Brady is called on frequently in criminal cases in the Silicon Valley (and across the country) to provide his assessment of the likelihood of individuals’ potential future criminal behaviors. This is reality, not fiction. And, in the culminating sequence of each week’s show, viewers will get to compare their conclusions to those of Dr. Brady, presented in the final reveal of each episode.        

Audience Members as Forensic Psychologists: Guided by Dr. Brady, the audience becomes informed and enabled as amateur “shrinks.” Along with Dr. Brady they find out why erstwhile law-abiding people with many non-deviant life choices available to them suddenly begin “breaking bad.” The journey for the audience is a case-driven look into the minds of Silicon Valley criminals that caters to viewers’ desire to see more –because there is more, just beneath the surface. And, through reenactments of professional exchanges with defense attorneys, police, prosecutors, private investigators, the audience gets to sit in with Dr. Brady and his team and get all the facts necessary to solve the real “why” of the crime, found in the deviant mind of the criminal.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Doctor is in!

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